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ThermoScanner™ Kiosk
ThermoScanner™ Kiosk
ThermoScanner™ Kiosk
ThermoScanner™ Kiosk
ThermoScanner™ Kiosk

ThermoScanner™ Kiosk

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The ThermoScanner™ Kiosk helps businesses leverage technology to transition to the new normal.

We GUARANTEE how easy it is to implement within your business once you open the box.

To adapt to the new Public Health guidelines, many businesses have turned to staffing the entrances to their buildings, thus increasing labour costs.

To reduce labour costs, the ThermoScanner™ Kiosk uses a technology powered by Artificial Intelligence to learn patterns and trigger smart alerts to your customer relationship management dashboard. (CRM)

The infrared and facial recognition features detect and alerts the business if the customer or employee is not wearing a mask.

The process of taking temperatures upon entry is 100% hands off, contactless, and automated.

Who Can Use It?

  1. Property Managers
  2. Shopping Malls
  3. Corporate Workspaces
  4. Salons
  5. Restaurants and Bars
  6. Office Buildings
  7. Schools
  8. Brick and mortar business

What Languages Are Supported?

  • Chinese
  • English
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • German
  • Russian
  • Thai
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Arabic

 Please Check Off Below All That Apply

 Is your business doing it's part to flatten the curve?

  Is your business re-opening following COVID-19 closures?

 Is your business vigilant in ensuring all your facilities, employees and customers are safe?

If you checked any of the boxes..

Here's What Typically Happens:

Businesses are using their own staff or hiring security companies to stand at the door taking temperatures...

Utilizing your staff or hiring a security company to spend countless hours standing and screening people is a great way to increase labour costs. Staff could instead spend their time performing productive work tasks to help your establishment run more efficiently. With average minimum wage costs, within 20 days of using your own staff, the labour costs will surpass the costs of the ThermoScanner™.


Here's What You Get

  • 1 x ThermoScanner™ Kiosk

  • 1 x Stand - Here are the different choices of stands:
  • Counter Stand
  • 0.6m Stand

  • 1.1m Stand

  • 1.2m Stand

When You Purchase, Here Is What You Get:


    1. Payments Through Shopify Payments®
    2. Tracking Number
    3. Excellent Customer Service



    Q) What’s the LCD size?

    A) 8″

    Q) Can the device detect masks?

    A) Yes. It will detect masks.

    Q) Is it possible to use the device offline ? 

    A) Yes. Data can be downloaded from USB interface.

    Q) What is a MAC?

    A) MAC is the ID number of each device, being used for account registration at back server.

    Q) Can I link the device with our software?

    A) Yes. Third party software is supported; we will send you API and data packet. Our customers have already linked their software with our device and works with their own back end server.

    Q) Can we equip the device with an external alarm?

    A) Yes. Through USD interface you can add an alarm.

    Q) Can the device connect with door access?

    A) Yes. Door access is connected through relay interface.

    Q) How is it packaged?

    A)Two packing ways, first, brown paper box; second, white color box.

    Q) Can we customize the logo on the device?

    A) On the device screen, you can set logo and department name and device name from back server.

     Q) What’s the delivery time?

    A) On Average it takes 8-11 business days total to arrive to your location. We ship by Canada Post.